Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Heavenly perspective…

I talked about it in yesterday’s post.

I must admit, though I get the concept intellectually – and know that I’ll never fully understand what things look like from God’s point of view – I still find myself trying to figure it out.

Yes, I see the irony – a human trying to “see like God!”

Impossible, yes…

But still…

Maybe it’s the English major in me – I’m always trying to find “word picture” examples that help me grasp Biblical concepts. Not answers, just tools –

So, heavenly perspective – what might that look like?

I had an experience about a year ago that helped me understand a little bit better.

My dad and I were flying home from Chicago. I’m not a big fan of flying – so fortunately, I don’t have to do it very often! But when I do, I always try to grab the window seat! I just love looking out at the country passing by underneath. It’s fascinating to me. It’s so cool how everything grows smaller as we take off and climb – how everything grows bigger as we prepare to land.

So, on this particular trip, I was looking out the window as we began our descent to the local airport here in Orange County. The approach to John Wayne Airport requires a heading that comes over mountains, and then foothills, before reaching the suburban landscape of thousands of houses and buildings.

On this flight, I noticed a little road that wound its way around the foothills. And on this road, was one little car. I had a moment of clarity (they are few and far between – that’s how I notice them!).

From my perspective, I could see the WHOLE road. I could see where that little car had been 10 minutes ago, where it was now, and where it was going to be 10 minutes from now. In one glance, I could “see” the car’s past, present, and future. In some way, I was “removed” temporarily from the time and space that that little car occupied.

WOW! I thought…kinda like how God can see our WHOLE lives at the same time.

He doesn’t exist in time and space – so His view truly IS all-knowing. He sees the past, present, and future in one eternal “NOW!”

I got to thinking – what if there was a roadblock up ahead that temporarily closed the road? That little car wouldn’t know about it right now. It would be ten minutes before they encountered the delay. I knew about it – of course. From MY perspective, that roadblock was happening now.

But in ten minutes, that little car would encounter this circumstance.

And then there would be a choice to make.

Wait for the roadblock to clear, turn left, turn right, or go back the way they had just come, looking for another route.

The car could choose how to reach its destination, but the destination was still waiting at the end of that road.

In some small way, this really helped me understand heavenly perspective.

God sees EVERY moment of my life. He knows what’s “in the past.” He knows what’s happening “now.” And He knows what’s “up ahead.” The entire “road” of my life, if you will, is under His watchful care.
He knows, He SEES.

Me? You? We’re just driving the road, one mile at a time, with decisions to make along the way.

So what should we do?

I’m making sure that I have radio contact with that guy in the plane!!

I’m praying – all the time, in every moment, for each circumstance that comes along – “Lord, what should I do?”

The One who sees the ENTIRE road – the Sovereign Lord of Heavenly Perspective – will be gracious to lead us, to guide us…

…all the time, in every moment, for each circumstance that comes along!

And the destination??? An eternity in God’s Presence!!!


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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for sharing this perspective. I think it helps to know that God "sees the past, present, and future in one eternal 'NOW!'” -- Not only does He see it, He gives grace to help in my time of need.

    For that, I am so thankful.

    Blessings and peace.


  2. Hi Sharon -

    This was beautifully expressed. Truth indeed.
    The illustration was so well done!

    You may be someone who is inclined to do the quiz posted on www.lioneaglesoar.blogspot.com.
    It is a seven question multiple choice quiz.
    One person who took it said that it was "fun."
    If you are so inclined, the posted date is Sunday October 3, 2010, under the topic, "INTRODUCING 7UPS - QUIZUPS." It asks four biblically based questions and three non-biblically based questions.

  3. that was a very good perspective, Sharon, with how you shared past/present/future in God's eyes. very good visual one! and you are right, we need to keep our eyes on the Navigator and oure ears attuned to his quiet voice to lead us down the paths he wants us to take in life :)

    awesome words, thanks for sharing them :)


  4. Excellent Sharon. I would have missed the teachable moment because I wouldn't have been looking out the window. I would have had the eyes closed. Praying,but closed eyes nonetheless.

    I think the most beautiful thing about His perspective is that he is the I AM of it all. He isn't I WAS in the past, I AM in the present, and I WILL BE in the future. He's the I AM of it all. I don't know why that knocks me out when I think of it, but it does.

    I love serving a present active God.

  5. MTJ - I don't know what I would do without God's grace. You are so right - He not only sees, He is there when we need Him. I, too, am SO thankful for that. I couldn't face life without the HOPE He gives...

    Sandra - I'm glad you liked the illustration. It isn't a perfect picture, but it's helped me understand a little better. I'll pop over to your blog when I'm done here!!

    Betty - God is the perfect Navigator, and yet, it's so very difficult for me sometimes to trust His perspective. Thank you for your words affirming the fact that His quiet, still Voice still speaks...

    Debbie - I loved what you said about God being the I AM!! You knocked me out with that, too - Not was, or will be - God says to EVERY circumstance, EVERY trial, EVERY struggle - to every time I say, "Why, Lord?" - "Sharon, I AM..."

    GOD BLESS, my friends!

  6. Sharon,

    Very insightful! When I ask God for direction, I can now picture Him seeing my life up ahead. Therefore, I can trust His guidance and what He tells me to do.


  7. Janis - This word picture has helped me, and I'm glad to give you a visual, too. His guidance is all we need - I just want to listen better!!



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