Monday, October 18, 2010


A couple of blog friends have posted something about spider webs lately.

Maybe it’s Halloween sneaking up? Hmmm…

So, I’ve got a spider web story to share, too.

One morning years ago, as “The Boys” and I we were rushing off into our day, we noticed a HUGE spider web – all perfect and symmetrical – hanging right in front of their bedroom window. I suppose we noticed it because the light had captured the early morning dew glistening off of it.

We all agreed that it was “rad!” (Translation: nifty, cool, gnarly, awesome – pick your decade!)

When we all returned back home, early in the afternoon, the web was gone! Huh…

Well, knowing how flimsy webs are, I thought of half a dozen reasons why the web had vanished. We felt a little sad, because it truly had been a thing of beauty.

The next morning, rushing off into our day again, my youngest ran over to check out the window.

“Mom, look!” he cried.

Sure enough, there was the web again – all perfect and symmetrical – hanging in the same place in front of their window.


That afternoon – you guessed it – no web – it was gone again. OK, not being an arachnid (fancy English major word for spider) fan in general, I couldn’t explain this weird behavior. However, “The Boys” evidently stole my intelligence when they were born, and they started thinking this through.

“I think he comes out at night,” the oldest said. (Evidently, stolen intelligence also lets you figure out the gender of a spider. So, Charlotte was not in our window…)

“Yeah,” chimed in the youngest. “Let’s spy on him.”

So, like two miniature detectives, “The Boys” opened their window blinds JUST ENOUGH to see, but not so much that they would scare Mr. Spider (the name they picked – OK, intelligent, yes – creative, not so much). Around 5:00, just as dusk was approaching, I heard:

“MOM! HURRY! You gotta see this!”

Well, I hurried – and looked out the window – and there was Mr. Spider painstakingly weaving his web.

I think we watched for close to two hours. We were mesmerized by his little body as he crawled back and forth, following a pattern that only he knew.

We watched Mr. Spider every night for over two months, as he carefully re-constructed a web that he tore down every day. It was lesson in patience and perseverance. It was a thing of beauty.

Mr. Spider taught me a great lesson about the value of slowing down.

He was never in a hurry. His DayPlanner wasn’t overbooked. He wasn’t frantic. He never “cut corners” making any part of his web. Every silk string was perfectly placed. He never gave up. He worked with PURPOSE.

How often do I lose my purpose – which is to glorify God – by frantically getting caught up in a “rat race” of activity? How often do I run around putting out the “immediate” fires while neglecting to tend to the forest? How often am I a slave to the “urgent” – while sacrificing the “important?”

Do I equate “busyness” with “meaning?”

Can anyone relate?

I’m asking God to teach me Mr. Spider’s lesson – slow down, work with purpose, start afresh each day, and concentrate on the important things in life.

“Be still, and know that I am God!” (Psalm 46:10)

BLOG = "Blessedly Leaning On God!"


  1. Hi Sharon -

    This is an excellent piece. Ah, the suspense...I found myself yearning for the next line!

    Your points about priorities are so on! Most especially the scripture, "Be still, and know that I am God."

    I heard Joyce Meyer teach one day about how people trip on being busy. I considered doing a post on the "busy" craze. Maybe soon...

  2. Sharon, as I started reading, my mind went back to the WFW post I done on spider web but you took me in a totally different direction. Like the spider, there are some things we need to make a part of our daily routine and not just to check off our to-do list by speeding through it. To only do them occasionally would leave our foundation flimsy. I don't think I'll look at a spider quite the same.

  3. I think this is my favorite post of yours EVER! I love everything about it from your wonderful way of expressing yourself to the moral at the end.

    Bingo, Golden Girl, BINGO.
    I find myself so easily caught in the "web" (it begs for that word...) of the glorification of BUSYNESS. Who was it who called it "The Tyranny of the Urgent"? I can't remember.

    Folks like to cloak it in piety too, don't they? Somehow, it's more "righteous" than being still or selective. If that busyness is about churh matters, all the better.

    Great post as usual. I'm trying to get my blog fingers warmed up from lack of exercise over the weekend.

  4. Great post Sharon...and how fun to watch the spider weaving. I would have been right there in the window with your boys watching. The value of slowing down is critical might like this post I wrote about the same thing...

    Enjoy the each minute of the day today!

  5. Sharon-
    Your words come at the perfect time! A GREAT reminder to this SAHM w/3 children who tries to compete with others with the WHAT I'm doing rather than the WHY I'm doing it- or the WHO I am doing it for!

    The spider reminds me to purposefully fulfill what God has planned for my life and to do it with perseverance and patience.....knowing that God has made each of us to glorify HIM in our own way!

    Love you!

  6. Oh my! This post was lovely!!!! I would love to share it over at If you ever want to submit this devotional, just put it in the GBD format and email it to us (but totally fine if you don't want to). (:

    You have blessed me with your writing once more!!!

  7. excellent written Sharon! loved it! and how exciting to have watched the spider web being woven night after night! very patient indeed Mr. Spider had to be! I have to admit a lot of times I'm more busy than meaning, but I'm trying to work on that.....

    you really should consider putting these into some type of book form; they are great devotionals you write!


  8. Blessings Sharon... Beautifully woven tale of the diligence and perseverance of Mr. Spider... or Charlotte's web... I guess either would work(but of course, boys would prefer boy's stuff). You definitely have entangled us in a suspenseful way as to how God wants to teach us lessons in nature and His creation (even a spider). I love your conclusion of God's purpose for us new each day!

    I am blessed to no longer have to get caught up in that "web" of busyness but the internet can also get us in another "web" issue; blogging do's and don'ts, so much to consider when God teaches us a lesson. Thank you for such a wonderful work! Just as priceless as the Spider's masterpiece! Bless you for your visit (sorry it was so difficult)and thanks for getting the scripture chapter recall button (lol). I might have searched forever...

    Did I already tell you how much I LOVE your BLOG acronym??? You truly bless me as you lean and rest and BE STILL, but still share so well!(not quite a blog post this time lol)


  9. Sandra - Thanks for your comment! That is one of my favorite verses. I suppose because it feels like a command AND a promise. On the one hand, God is commanding me to be still, and know (fear, revere) Him for the Sovereign God He is. But, I also hear a promise. IF I discipline myself and be still, God will reveal Himself to me - Be still, and you WILL know Me.

    Wanda - Your post was one of the ones that inspired me! I love how the Holy Spirit can take the same thing (a spider web, for instance) and lead so many of us to "see" different things, and He teaches us so many different lessons. It's work only He can do!

    Debbie - If you recall, last week you said something about me maybe doing a devotional about "slowing down." So, I have to thank you for starting the ball rolling on that idea. I googled "Tyranny of the Urgent" - it was written by Charles Hummel in 1967. At the time, he thought one of the worst offenders of our peace was the telephone. Wonder what he'd think now? And you're so right - we believers are particularly susceptible to the subtle strategies of the devil. He'll use ANYTHING, won't he? I like how you said we need to be selective. Hmmm...we need discernment, don't we?

    Anita - Your photos on spider webs was also an inspiration to me. They were beautiful. I hopped on over to your blog and read the garden post - oh, Anita - just great! And I'm going to take your advice - Enjoy EVERY minute of the day! Sounds like a God-plan!

    Janet - You KNOW that I could only write these words because I also struggle with being still and purpose-filled. But yes, God calls EACH of us to fulfill His purposes in OUR OWN UNIQUE WAY. We just have to listen to His Voice, and trust Him to express Himself through us. Glad you liked this post. (And you KNOW that I love you, too :)

    Alisa - I would be honored to have this posted on GBD!! Just give me a couple of days to re-format it, and I'll send it on over! And, as always, I really appreciate your encouraging words!

    Betty - When Mr. Spider stopped showing up, I cried. But, he served the purpose of His Creator, because almost 20 years later, I still remember his lesson. Thanks SO much about the "book" comment!! I have thought about this - keep praying that God will make it clear if this is what He wants me to do. And if He says to do it, that I will be courageous enough to follow through!!

    Peggy - You are so right about continuing to commit our blogs to the Lord. The Internet isn't called the "world-wide WEB" for nothing. So many can get caught in its snares. Glad you like the acronym. God gave that one to me! (p.s. If you want a giggle, you might enjoy a post I did on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, on blog terminology. The puns are definitely "groan-worthy!!" :)

    GOD BLESS, everyone - and keep building those webs!!

  10. Do I equate “busyness” with “meaning?”

    Can anyone relate?

    Oh goodness! That got me like punch in the gut. Suffice it to say - me! I relate!

    This is a fabulous post, my friend. I love the impression it made on you - 20 years later! And that it was put on your heart to share with all of us. All too often I am guilty of making it on busyness alone, none of which has any purpose. I so appreciate the reminder to slow down, remember my purpose, and to focus on that and that alone!

  11. Jennie - Thank you so much for your comment. (Sorry about the gut-punching! - Just know that I'm doubled over, too!) Slowing down is becoming a "lost art" in our world, I'm afraid. But, with the Lord's help, we can focus on the truly important things in life.

    Thanks, Mr. Spider!!

    AND GOD BLESS YOU, Jennie!!


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